Manufacturer: Centurion Laboratories

Price: 17 EUR


Vidalista: online description of the product


Representatives of the stronger sex at any age sensitive about men's health. Therefore, any trouble in the affairs of the heart can cause emotional trauma or psychological distress to deliver, which is fraught with further problems in the intimate sphere. Always be on top of the man to help Vidalista. Until recently, many he was known as Super Tadarise.


Why i buy it?

This is - a highly efficient and reliable product for potency increasing, prolonging intercourse and "acute" phase directly. The brand has proved to be a means for a long time and then continues to win the trust of thousands of men.


In Europe Vidalista is available in tablet form. The structure includes two pills each active ingredient - tadalafil and dapoxetine. The first increases blood flow to the male organ, and the latter has a positive effect on the duration of intercourse by preventing premature ejaculation. With such support man certainly will be a success and pleasure. Apply these pills for potency may be for the fight against premature ejaculation, or simply to improve erections.


The drug Vidalista

The tablet should be taken for a couple of hours before the planned intimacy. This ensures that the effect for three hours. Do not take more than one tablet a day. One dose of pills to enhance potency would be enough to get the desired result and does not harm health. Before taking better to be limited to the use of alcohol and fatty foods.


Contraindications and side effects Vidalista

Side effects are rare Vidalista, but still possible dizziness, insomnia, lethargy, increased anxiety. On the part of the digestive tract may show lack of appetite, indigestion, excessive salivation. You may experience allergic reactions. If some degree of drug causes discomfort, it is better to give it up, pick up another generic.