Vitagon - 3 ampul per carton

Vitagon - 3 ampul per carton

Vitagon by Alpha-Pharma

Manufacturer: Alpha pharma

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Vitagon - 3 ampul per carton

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Vitagon (a human chorionic gonadotropin) is a very important drug among bodybuilders in Europe as well as in the rest of the world. More often it is used by athletes on a course of steroids as a prevention of the testicular atrophy, which is vitally important for the human health. Athletes even on very long courses of steroids with large doses can support the activity of their testicles if they get Vitagon (order it online for example). By the way, while taking Vitagon, the sperm activity is greatly increased so that also needs to be kept in mind. Also this drug has such effects as the synthesis of sex hormones, it enhances the spermatogenesis, increases the activity of sperm and sperm quality as well. Vitagon prevents the atrophy of the testes after the long courses of steroids and accelerates the development of sexual organs. So basically, not only professional sportsmen take in Vitagon (buy it in an online shop), but many other people as well.

How to take in Vitagon?

Vitagon course lasts 10-20 days usually, depending mainly on the severity of the steroid cycle. The optimum dosage is 500 IU three times a week. The maximum allowable dosage of a very severe course is 1,000 IU, three injections per week during no more than three weeks in total. Taking this hormone after a course on a short term is fundamentally wrong because it may delay the recovery process. The drug should be used on the course, but not after – please remember that when you decide to buy Vitagon and start using it in your course.

Side effects of Vitagon

It is a quite safe drug and it is almost impossible to get any side effects while taking it. But if people take it at large doses, they may experience violations of the hypothalamus-pituitary-arc-testicles. The drug cannot leave negative impressions if it is properly received so follow the guidelines and do not exceed the dosage recommended for you.

Vitagon reviews from sportsmen

You can find a large number of reviews about Vitagon in the Internet, both positive and negative. It is said that negative reviews come only from those who misunderstood the essence of the drug, for example, used it as a testosterone or applied it for more than three weeks in a row in large doses. If everything is done correctly, the reviews are quite positive because the drug works.

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