Turinabol - 50 tablet per carton

Turinabol - 50 tablet per carton

Turinabol by Alpha-Pharma

Manufacturer: Alpha pharma

Price: 48 EUR

Turinabol - 50 tablet per carton

What is Turinabol? Order it online or look for an alternative?

Do you know that Turinabol is the trade name of the substance hlordigidrometil-testosterone? First samples of this material were synthesized in Germany in 1964. Due to its low androgenic activity (only 50 percent of testosterone), Turinabol can be used be women as well as by men. As a matter of fact, this may be considered a significant plus, as there is not so many drugs that can be freely used by women without leading to any undesirable negative side effects, so women admire Turinabol – buy it online and use it in their courses.

Turinabol can be characterized as Methandrostenolone, but without the fluid retention in the body. This drug has a low androgenic activity that allows not being scared of side effects like while using any more powerful drugs such as testosterone. The drug makes you stronger and your muscle mass bigger due to the weight gaining.

If you have already made a decision to buy Turinabol and start your first course, you can expect the increasing of the muscle weight on 5-6 kg. Reviews of Turinabol tell us about the ability of the drug to burn the fat, which is one of the most valuable qualities in the process of the preparing for a competition. It should be noted that the drug was originally used in speed-strength sports. Into the bodybuilding the same drug came much later. Turinabol at its time created a furor in Europe appearing on the market. Turinabol solo is a good drug for the first course.

Turinabol. How to take it?

You need to take 40 -50 mg of Turinabol a day, dividing the daily dose on 2 admissions. First in the morning, and the second is 10 hours after the first one. You need to take it 20 minutes before eating, and drinking plenty of water.  The duration of the course is about six weeks. And after the course you need to take Tamoxifen during 3 weeks at a dosage of 20 mg per day.

Turinabol reviews say that it is a great drug that has practically no side effect and athletes who use it show great results.

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