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Strombafort quite popular among athletes and contains stanozolol, which, in turn, is famous for such skills as capacity only quality muscle mass. Indications for use of the drug is high enough.


Upon receipt of such a drug as Strombafort, you significantly accelerate the process of the genetic background of the cells, and this, in turn, will give an impetus to the most active synthesis of your DNA, proteins, RNA, and also respiratory tissues (ie, their oxygen saturation) .


All data quality tools will lead to the mass of your muscles will begin to grow in the eyes. At the same time, the drug is a beneficial effect on the condition of your bones, contributing to their diet with calcium, as well as slow down the excretion of components such as nitrogen, water, potassium and sulfur. In addition, the drug will facilitate and reduce the accumulation of subcutaneous fat, which is only useful for those people who have such a problem. It is worth noting that some athletes there contraindications to the use of individual intolerance.


Strombafort (strombafort) is one of the most popular forms of release tablet stanozolol. Strombafort - a synthetic anabolic steroid with a moderate androgenic effect.


The drug leads to inhibition of catabolic processes in the body produce corticosteroids and anabolic activation. Strombafort allows you to quickly build high-quality muscle mass, increase strength and performance in parallel to reduce body fat. In addition, strombafort increases the hardness of bones by improving calcium absorption. Another feature strombaforta you can call it in the body's ability to hold a number of vital elements such as potassium, phosphorus, sodium, nitrogen.


The drug is effective even during the drying process, when the athlete is experiencing significant lack of calories, promotes intensive training and not to water retention in the body. Based on the positive feedback Strombaforte athletes from all over Europe, who already have experienced its effects, we can confidently say that this drug is the most effective in the precompetitive period.


Application Features


The optimum daily dosage strombaforta for men is 25-50 mg per day and for women about 5-10 mg. The course of treatment is 6-8 weeks strombaforta.


To achieve maximum effect may be combined with other drugs strombafort, such as oxandrolone, drostanolone, trenbolone, fluoxymesterone, methenolone.


If you do not exceed the recommended dose and strictly follow the instructions, side effects (lowering of testosterone, a phenomenon virilization) in the body is practically not observed.


Use of the drug only the best evidence of its good digestibility of the body. Many athletes who take it for drying, have noted that it is highly effective for the removal of excess fluid in the body. Also, it differs from other steroids and in that when taking the risk of any side effects - is minimal. One need only observe the method of application.


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