Stanabol Tabs (10mg/100tab)

Stanabol Tabs (10mg/100tab)

Stanabol Tabs (10mg/100tab)

Manufacturer: British Dragon Pharmaceuticals

Price: 20 EUR

Stanabol Tabs (10mg/100tab)

Danabol (stanozolol) - steroid, developed in 1962, respectively, there are dozens of years of use in a wide variety of sports. Produced by British Dragon in the oral form (Stanabol Tablets). The oral form is very high bioavailability and accessibility, so a significant difference between the two forms is not, except that the injection is less toxic to the liver. The drug is good because it allows you to build lean muscle mass without excess fat.


Effects of reception

Increase lean muscle mass, strength indicators.

Fast disposal of body fat by diet deficient in calories.

Increase libido.

Stanabol directly affects the amount of water in the body downwards, so not recommended for those who have problems with joints.

How to take Stanabol and where to buy it

Reviews Stanabol sad that cours  lasts 6-8 weeks. Recommended for use in conjunction with drugs which promote fluid retention in the body, to avoid possible problems with joints. Stanabol should take a dosage of 30-50 mg / day. Remember that if you use together with stanazolol testosterone, you need to control the level of estradiol on the course.

Also be aware of the mandatory post-cycle therapy, anti-estrogens such as clomiphene citrate, tamoxifen citrate. In general, the drug does not cause adverse effects on the course.


Reviews Stanabole online in Europe

How to take StanabolStanozolol - much loved by many athletes preparation, so they leave only positive feedback about Stanabol Tablets, marking a slow but very high quality gains in muscle mass and strength, as well as the absence of any side effects on the course.

The only negative comments about Stanabole in tablets and injections from British Dragon are from people who have any health problems joints. Indeed, Stanozlol displays the body of a lot of water, especially if used without testosterone, and joint capsule and is drained, which adversely affects the health of the joints.