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Anapolon - this is a very strong and highly effective oral steroid. The tool has a powerful androgenic effect, and at the same time and intense anabolic. In a short time you can achieve great gains in strength and muscle mass. It is not uncommon, and weight gain of 5-7 kg and even more for a total of two weeks. This results in a partial and increased accumulation of fluid in the body that increases quickly enough and muscle volume as well as in the record time will give to those who use the tool, and a massive appearance. Since muscle cells attract a lot of liquid, and the general muscles will get the majority of athletes is very smooth, inflated views. As you can see, the indications for the use of sufficient weight. Anadrol as it lubricates your joints, as there is accumulated water, which is not insignificant factor for a large increase in strength and facilitate training for those who suffer from diseases of the joints. It is also true that there are contraindications to the use, but they are not significant and appear very rarely.


Where to buy Anadrol?


The drug increases the number of red blood cells, and because of this the muscles are much better supplied with oxygen. And increase your endurance as well as muscle and performance. After only a few approaches you will have a good level of his power. Dosing should check with your adviser.


Dosages and combinations with other drugs


The most optimal dosage of the drug is considered to be Anapolon 50-100mg per day (1-2 tablets). For professional athletes admit receiving the maximum daily dose - 150 mg (3 tablets). The best time for receiving Anadrol - mealtimes.


If you eat two tablets every day, it is best done in the morning and evening. The whole course of Anadrol should last no more than 6 - 9 weeks as a long-term use of steroid may adversely affect health.


Taking into account these recommendations, you can only calculate the required amount of the drug to buy Anadrol to the extent necessary and, in our online store in the presence of this steroid has the highest quality, which you can buy at the best price in Europe .


It is worth noting that Anadrol is combined with other injectable drugs and athletes often combine it with Sustanon and Testosterone, giving them the opportunity to prevent the loss of muscle mass.


Anapolon in combination with Sustanon and Parabolan provides qualitative increase of power performance and muscle mass, and its combination with nandrolone decanoate contributes to more efficient muscle growth.


Anadrol helps athletes suffering from joint problems: it contributes to the accumulation of water in the muscles and increase the amount of natural lubrication of the joints.




Experienced bodybuilders extremely positive about the potent Anadrol, and they receive the results only confirm its effectiveness. As for the young athletes, it is better for them to pick up anabolic weaker.


The body reacts to the elderly this steroid sharp deterioration of the liver and prostate, so they drug is contraindicated. It has a negative impact on a woman's body, as if his admission note the appearance of acne and the development of irreversible masculinizing effects (lowering of the tone of voice, hair color and enhancing their growth on the legs). In some women, the drug causes some problems of a sexual nature.


However, those of athletes that have neglected the risk of its possible negative impacts and taking the anabolic before the race, managed to achieve impressive results in the competition and even to ascend the podium.




Athletes at the use of this steroid is important to check your liver, and then recommended to receive monthly rate CBSA, Liv-52 and preparations based on milk thistle.


Given that Anapolon reduces the iron in the blood, to be monitored with its quantitative indices of a blood test, in time to eliminate the possibility of anemia.


Possible side effects include also raising cholesterol and blood sugar, so you should exercise caution when receiving those who have problems with the heart and blood vessels. In the presence of sexually transmitted diseases, Anadrol should be taken only under medical supervision.


The course of the drug should be discontinued in the case when there are symptoms such as jaundice, indigestion, frequent nausea or vomiting. Libido can also be influenced by the steroid, which is manifested by a sharp increase in its beginning and decline thereafter.


However, a reasonable use of Anadrol can always achieve a very, very impressive athletic performance.