Anapolon oil (Oxymetholone Oil)

Anapolon oil (Oxymetholone Oil)

Anapolon oil (Oxymetholone Oil)

Manufacturer: Spectrum-Pharm

Price: 33 EUR

Anapolon oil (Oxymetholone Oil)

General information:

Anapolon Oil - oral steroid, which is a very powerful and effective. It has intense anabolic androgenic action and stronger. It is a factor in which in a very narrow time frame, you can achieve a gain of 5-7 kg of muscle mass in a very short period of time - 2 weeks. When taking the drug in the body there is a partial improvement of the water, allowing you to quickly increase muscle volume in a very short time.


How to use:

Anapolon Oil, it is advisable to take athletes over the age of 21 who want to put on quality muscle building. Course Length should not exceed 6 weeks, due to the toxicity of the drug that can negatively affect your liver. To block the estrogenic effect of the drug is added to the rate of 10 mg of Nolvadex. Take Anapolon be careful not to exceed the dose of 100 mg per day, as it was proved that an increase in dosage results are not the best will melt, but only increases the risk of side effects. For starters, the optimal dose is 50 mg, which are needed to increase the rate for the first week to 100 mg. In the last two weeks on the contrary we need to reduce the dose until the complete abolition. After the course, take testosterone boosters 3-4 weeks that would restore testosterone production. Before taking the drug required to carry out a consultation with a specialist.



Buy Anapolon Oil and it gives the muscles a smooth appearance and pompous. Anapolon low price provides a quantitative increase in muscle which is desirable in off season. Also this drug is very useful for athletes who suffer from diseases of the joints.


Side effects:

Anamolon drug is very toxic and can affect the robot liver, cause mild nausea and congestion in the body zhitkosti, decreased appetite. But all this can be avoided doderzhivayas course of treatment and dosage.



Anadrol are advised not to take itself, but only by combining a complex of sports nutrition for gaining lean muscle and dieting for a set of the same muscle.