Oxandrolone - 50 tablets per box

Oxandrolone - 50 tablets per box


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Oxandrolone - 50 tablets per box

Oxandrolon – order online and get a quality drug

The Oxandrolon "solo" course is used to make the muscle relief better. The lasting of its course is usually from 5 till 8 weeks. Anavar (Oxandrolon) usually inhibits the productivity of the endogenous testosterone without taking it in course with other drugs. You should better start the course with 20 mg per day in 2-4 equal receptions. After 3-5 days you can increase the dosage till 60-80 mg/day but at big dosages you need to include Tamoxifen to normalize the level of the testosterone.

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To get best results of course of Oxandrolon you should abide the high-protein diet. The level of carbohydrates should be very low.

It is very good to use this drug in couple with stronger steroid drugs such as Primobolan, Testosterone and Sustanon, if you want to increase the size of muscles and your strength faster. The combination reduces the side effects of drugs and obtains a better effect while using the same drug single.

Tamoxifen, Sustanon or Proviron should be used in the course with Oxandrolon (buy it online) to prevent the risk of the gynecomastia. This will significantly increase the effectiveness of Proviron course; reduce the level of globulin binding effect on hormones.

Side effects

Women can have such side effects as virilization, acne and menstrual disorders. Men at the puberty manifest the acne, virilization symptoms, a slowdown and even a cessation of growth and in the post-pubertal the gynecomastia, the suppression of the spermatogenesis and certain other ones. Both men and women may experience the progression of the arteriosclerosis, the abnormal liver function, the peripheral edema, pain in long bones and the changes in leukocyte formula. It is necessary to consult with a specialist before you start useing this drug to avoid possible side effects. After you are ready, be sure to get only a genuine drug – simply order Oxandrolon at our online store to get yourself the production of the very top quality.