Oxanabol Tabs (10mg/100tab)

Oxanabol Tabs (10mg/100tab)

Oxanabol Tabs (10mg/100tab)

Manufacturer: British Dragon Pharmaceuticals

Price: 48 EUR

Oxanabol Tabs (10mg/100tab)

Oxanabol Tabs from British Dragon Pharmaceuticals - based oral steroid oxandrolone. Originally it was designed for children and women, and therefore has on the body is soft enough impact. For the first time at the pharmacologic oxandrolone market it appeared as far back as 1964. It has been developed by US company Searle Co to boost growth in patients suffering from osteoporosis. In medicine, the drug is also used to repair tissue and the skin after burns, strengthen ligaments and bones, anemia and Turner syndrome.


Oxanabol in Europe

The steroid is sineticheskim with A-Heterocyclic ring and the carbon atom substituted by a hydrogen atom. The high anabolic index along with minimal androgenic activity (only 25% of testosterone) have made Oxandrolone the favorite drug of athletes. Oksanabol virtually no effect on muscle growth, but significantly increases the speed-strength performance.


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Course Oxanabol expedient to enhance muscle relief. Using a solo oxandrolone for a set weight is absolutely ineffective. The total duration of steroids varies from 6 to 8 weeks. It is recommended to adhere to step regimen: You should start with a dose of 20 milligrams in fact, gradually increasing it to 80 milligrams, divided into three stages. In no case it is not necessary to load a large number of oxandrolone immediately: sudden hormonal surges do not promise you any good.


For athletes enough from 10 to 20 milligrams oksanabola daily for 6 weeks. In fact, you can even increase the dosage given that oxandrolone - very safe steroid. Oxanabol course can be combined with testosterone and Primobolan Sustanon. This will not only enhance the effect, but also to prevent possible side effects. Do not exceed the dosage Oxanabol 40 mg if it is not the only oral steroid on the course. Take sports nutrition and follow a diet to get maximum benefit from steroid.


Side effects after buy


Reviews oksanabol Oxandrolone is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone and therefore does not cause aromatization. But as with any anabolic steroid with extremely high doses can have harmful affects on the body. Although side effects from Oxanabol, like liver damage, loss of appetite, headaches and sexual dysfunction are extremely rare, yet they can not be excluded completely. At high doses of the steroid is tamoxifen spend FCT: take 10 milligrams of the drug per day, and for one or two weeks of testosterone by the body fully recover.


Reviews Oxanabol Tabs

Most often leave reviews on Oxanabol athletes. It is logical, because who, if not them, you need a drug that provides significant improvements in speed and strength without increasing muscle mass. Almost all athletes satisfied with the product from British Dragon Pharmaceuticals. It noted "softness" of the drug, its ability to dry the muscles, as well as the absence of side effects.