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MIX 4(Oxandrolone, Mesterolone, Methenolone Acetate, Boldenone Acetate). The principle of the drug is that its constituent substances have different validity period. Thus there is a uniform and long-lasting action time. However, to make better smoothing than. This oral steroid is mainly used by experienced athletes who know and who know how to use pharmacology.

When you receive are the following advantages of MIX 4:

The rapid increase in muscle mass

Strongly pronounced anabolic effect

Gain power performance

Increase libido on course

Reducing body fat levels

Mix 4 by Spectrum-Pharm

It is recommended primarily for experienced athletes, the normal dose is 300-400 mg per week. Thus it is necessary to divide the reception 2 times for a more uniform action. For beginners it is better to start with trenbolone acetate, milder in its action and safe. The application for a course of steroids, such as.


The optimal duration of 8 weeks. During this time, the best results will be, but just as important to observe on the application of the automatic disconnection, not exceed specified dosages, follow the diet and daily routine.


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