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Price: 87 EUR


The drug Mix 3 is ​​a mixture of Methandienone, methiltestosterone, stanozolol, fluoxymesterone and mesterolone. The main advantages of this oral drug, which provided such a high popularity of the drug Testosterone Mix in Europe are as follows:


- It helps to gain muscle mass;

- Strengthens the body;

- It gives tangible increase power performance;

- It increases sexual desire;

- It promotes a good appetite;

- Significantly improves stamina.


Course preparation Mix 3

For all athletes who have decided to buy Mix 3 and start an active reception, it is recommended to take the drug once in 3-5 days. The drug acts for a long time, up to three weeks, so use it often does not make sense. This, incidentally, is one of the key benefits why Testosterone Mix in Europe is so popular among athletes. Weekly dosage should be from your doctor or tained profesional.


Reviews of Mix 3

Tellingly, at the drug Testosterone Mix in Europe only positive reviews, because of its high quality, minimal side effects that can be avoided with proper use of the drug, as well as a tangible effect. At the same time, buy Testosterone Mix and start taking it may even beginners, although in this case more than reasonable to take the drug under the guidance of an experienced trainer, or any athlete who has relevant experience in taking steroids and will be able to check that everything is going fine.


Where to buy Mix 3 online

You can buy medication Testosterone Mix directly on our website - we offer you the preparation of exceptionally high quality at an affordable price, which is due to direct supplies from the producer. This eliminates the possibility of fakes and allows you to keep the price at a reasonable level without unnecessary markups and margins.