Metyl T (Methyltestosterone)

Metyl T (Methyltestosterone)

Metyl T - Methyltestosterone

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Metyl T (Methyltestosterone)

Methyltestosterone is available in pill form Drugs used in hypogonadal men, breast cancer in women, and to identify the reaction of the pituitary gland to increase the level of testosterone in the blood and as a short-term replacement therapy in the selection of the main drug substitution treatment.


The drug causes a short-term (4-6 hours) increasing levels of free testosterone in the blood. Increases masculine aggressiveness. Whe you buy Methyl T in exchange application has all the effects of endogenous testosterone. The use of high doses of degradation involves the effect of Sertoli and Leydig cells in the testes, causing their total hypoplasia. At the beginning of the application dramatically increases the fertility of semen, then lowers it. In cases of testicular function suppression effect of drugs used human chorionic gonadotropin testosterone at high doses (up to 5000ED every 4 days, the rate of 3-4 injections). Further, to reduce the flavoring and stimulating pituitary prmienyayut clomiphene citrate for 2-3 weeks.


As they said in reviews. The drug is classified as a doping, in view of the strong increase strength and endurance against its use. Allowed to free circulation in most countries, except some (Turkey, Thailand). In Europe, preparations of testosterone - the subject of strict accounting prescription.


Side effects


The product has the following side effects: gynecomastia, passing cholestatic jaundice, elevated liver transaminases, increase in pressure due to the accumulation of water in the body, acne, and others.


Currently, due to the wide range of other testosterone derivatives with fewer side effects, its use is not justified. However, given that a very methyltestosterone drug in the body, removal of the drug can be quickly, for example, at the beginning of androgen therapy to assess overall tolerance and understanding of the individual reactions, the selection of dosages. You could buy best Methyl T in Europe on our online store.