Dianabolos 10 - tablets

Dianabolos 10 - tablets

Dianabolos 10 (Methandienone) by Pharmacom Labs

Manufacturer: Pharmacom Labs

Price: 20 EUR

Dianabolos 10 - tablets

Dianabolos – order online and enjoy

Dianabolos 10 is a modern steroid remedy that can be purchased in our shop. This drug is produced by PharmaCom Labs (Moldova). It is a populare drug in the sport world. Athletes of different disciplines (especially bodybuilders in Europe) regularly use it to gain muscle mass and increase power performance. 

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The active ingredient of this drug is methandienone; it is a testosterone derivative that has an increased activity and a reduced anabolic activity. The index of a methandienone anabolic activity is equal to 200% of testosterone, and the index of androgenic activity is only 50% of the testosterone. Its anabolic action is not very long, so in most cases it is used on a daily basis, which is convenient for the vast majority of all the athletes.

Side effects

But it should be understood that Dianabolos can render not only the positive effects, but, in some cases, side effects, too. For example, an athlete who decided to order Dianabolos and now uses the drug may face androgenic side effects, which include: acne, oily skin, heightened hair growth. Plus, after a long reception, a risk of a decrease of a testosterone appears. A liver toxicity and a risk of increasing of estrogen (excessive fluid retention, gynecomastia) inherent in methandienone in the oral form are present. Many athletes typically use anti estrogenic agents, particularly clomiphene citrate or tamoxifen to prevent side effects.

Dianabolos in tablets is recommended to be accepted only by male athletes, women in sport are not usually using this drug. This is due to a high androgenic activity, which can cause symptoms of the virilization (the rudeness of the voice, excessive hair growth and other).

The Course of Dianabolos solo is not used usually, yet you can still buy Dianabolos for that purpose. Usually athletes combine it with other steroids to obtain maximum results at the end of the course. What should be combined with the anabolic? It all depends on your experience, financial capacity, and most importantly on the aim pursued.

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