Alphabol CR (Methandienone) - 30 tablet per carton

Alphabol CR (Methandienone) - 30 tablet per carton

Alphabol CR (Methandienone) by Alpha-Pharma

Manufacturer: Alpha pharma

Price: 78 EUR

Alphabol CR (Methandienone) - 30 tablet per carton

Why people decide to buy Alphabol CR

Alphabol CR, also known as Methandienone, is a steroid that is used by athletes for the rapid weight gain and for increasing of the strength and power. It has a powerful anabolic and androgenic effect. It also allows a sportsman to achieve desired results in the shortest time which makes it really popular – many people prefer to use Alphabol CR: buy it online and get a quick and direct shipping.

The effects of Alphabol CR

The major effects of receiving Alphabol CR are as following:
- The stimulation of the appetite;
- The increasing of the power performance;
- The strengthening of bones;
- The instant buildup of the muscle mass; 
- A little fat burning effect;
- An excellent health and mood.

With help of Methandienone bodybuilders can achieve significant results of the muscle gaining - up to 10 kg and in rare cases even more. Of course, the effect will not be so good if a sportsman will not follow the diet and will not do intensive exercises.

How to take Alphabol CR (Methandienone)? Advises on course

Beginners should not start with a large dose. Normal dosage for beginners is 3-4 tablets (30-40 mg) per day. Experienced athletes can afford themselves to take up 50 mg per day to achieve better effects. But when you get Alphabol CR (order it at our online shop) you need to have a consultation with a professional before choosing the final dose.

The duration Alphabol CR course is about 6-8 weeks. It is not recommended to take it longer than that. The effect of it will not be better and also side effects can appear, so stick to that duration and be sure to get excellent results.

So, what are the side effects?

New athletes are afraid of side effects from the use of methandienone. But while taking right dosages the risk of side effects of Alphabol CR is minimal. Also you can protect yourself of the negative factors of this drug by a combination of Alphabol CR with other drugs.

The combination of Alphabol CR with other drugs

The excellent combination of this drug is with Stanozolol. It will help to gain weight for a longer period and also will increase the dryness and the muscle stiffness so this is a really popular combination.

Consultants of our online shop always help their customers not only to buy products of a high quality for a reasonable price. Also they will always give you advises on use of Alphabol CR, also known as Methandienone. In our online store you can order Alphabol CR at an affordable price. We send orders in many country of Europe in short terms.