Halotestos (Fluoxymesterone 10 mg)

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Halotestos production company PharmaCom Labs - is a steroid and moderate androgenic anabolic properties, which is on our website can purchase any athlete in Europe. This steroid agent is mainly used in sports practice. If we talk about the purpose of the application, it is in most cases to achieve a rapid and pronounced increase power performance.


What is Halotestos what effect?

The active ingredient in this drug is based on a steroid with a long name fluoxymesterone. It primarily androgen relatively weak anabolic activity, which is a modification of methyltestosterone. For reference: the index of its androgenic activity - 850% of endogenous testosterone. According to the structure of methyltestosterone it differs by the addition of 9-a-fluorite and 11b-hydroxy groups.


A few important facts about Halotestos 10, giving a description of the occurring steroid action and a correct understanding of its properties:

The first - the effect Halotestos (fluoxymesterone) is almost entirely due to its strong androgenic activity (it dramatically increases power rates can increase aggression, enhance endurance, and even to reduce the time required for recovery); The second - the main purpose of taking this drug is precisely the increase in strength; Thirdly, the use of this drug is specifically set for muscle impractical. To achieve this, there are more efficient and yet safer pharmacological agents, including other steroidal agents.


What are the overall effects can be Halotestos pills with proper application? The effects can be observed is different, but as noted, mainly due to the strong androgenic activity of the drug. The first is to improve the power performance and stimulation of aggression. We also know that these pills can improve the synthesis of erythropoietin and hemoglobin, increased vascularity, relief and stiffness of muscles and even the burning of fat.


We can add that the reviews about this drug pharmaco You can find more on the Forum on our resource. Here you can read a detailed description of sports pharmacology and explore the comments about her athletes.

Application Halotestos (fluoxymesterone)


Price and purchase Halotestos 10

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