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It was found that taking halotesta increases the level of hemoglobin, hematocrit, and red blood cells. Due to this property halotest repeatedly improves power performance of the athlete and improves energy supply. Halotest successfully used in all kinds of sports where the athlete is required from a huge endurance and strength in Europe.


In bodybuilding this drug is often used in the preparation for a competition, because substance is quite androgenic and, at the same time, not very strongly flavored. With very little fat content, the tool can provide all athletes and more pronounced hardness, as well as outlined the muscles. It is worth noting that there are some contraindications to the use, but they are best checked with your doctor, because they are associated with individual intolerance to the drug.


Halotest not holding fluid in the body on course


The drug known fact that at a daily dose of up to 20 mg, it will not result in fluid retention. This method of use of the drug would be the most optimal. During the diet it can help to make even the most hard while intensive training as the aggressiveness of its consumers is much improved. This is another reason why this drug enjoys considerable popularity among athletes.


Application Features online

The optimum dosage halotesta determined specifically for each athlete based on his individual characteristics and the planned outcome. On average, the athletes taking 20-30 mg per day. The daily rate halotest divided into 2 doses (morning and evening). Tablets need to drink plenty of water. You can take the tablets on an empty stomach, and during the meal - efficacy in any case consistently high. Women take halotest not recommended because of the high probability of an irreversible phenomenon of masculinization.


The half-life of the drug is only 6-8 hours, but modern methods of doping control can identify metabolites halotesta even 2 months after completion of the course.


Side effects

Halotest has a toxic effect on the liver, before taking consult your doctor. Duration of halotesta, according to experts, should not exceed 4-6 weeks. Longer intake and an increase in the recommended dosage provokes the appearance of side effects in the form of acne, reducing the synthesis of testosterone, a headache.


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