Pharmahenn (GW1516 10 ml)

Manufacturer: Pharmacom Labs

Price: 187 EUR


Value added to the schedule of the day one of the test group exercise 30 minutes every weekday for four weeks, immediately revealed the difference. Of course, it turns out, and did not receive GW1516 are much more hardy untrained counterparts. That's just the effect of the study drug has increased by as much as 68% - compared with the train, who did not receive the drug.


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As explained in the commentary to academic publications in Cell, their invention is primarily designed to combat obesity and related metabolic disorders. Chance of a certain effect in muscular dystrophy; the benefit will welcome and bedridden patients, for health reasons are not able to do - the more so that in their case, early treatment to prevent complications lying lifestyle.


Pharmahenn  (GW1516 10 ml) review

Thank God for the overall informitsiyu scientists. Now we take the floor.

Small, but with experience GW1516 shows that he:

- Really is most effective when the training load. At the same time the closer you come to the limit of its vozmozhnoistey the better it works. GW1516 prevents feeling pereutomlёnnosti and "zagnannosti."


And if you're not an athlete or exercise, but for some reason think that AICAR alone in any case works exactly (what looks like a question as their own training ...), and at times he Do not bother works, let you stop price. The purchase of AICAR is much more expensive than GW1516, moreover significantly. And it is not at all related to his performance, a particular production technology.


Another caveat as GW1516 liposoluble substance in water it is soluble in a suspension. That is why you can see it for sale as a liquid for drinking. These forms contain 300 mg at a concentration of 5 mg / ml. We vial contains 1000mg !!! in dry form. We also offer to plant it in the water. Spreading 1000mg in 500ml you get 10mg in 5ml. You can also use our scoop on 15mg.


The daily dose in the range 20-50mg taken once after eating in order to avoid irritating to the stomach.