Rexogin - 10 ampul per carton

Rexogin - 10 ampul per carton

Rexogin (Injectable Stanozolol) by Alpha-Pharma

Manufacturer: Alpha pharma

Price: 60 EUR

Rexogin - 10 ampul per carton

Rexogin - is an anabolic steroid with a great androgenic activity. The active ingredient of the drug - injectable stanozolol (a modified derivative of dihydrotestosterone).

Rexogin, mainly used in sports practice, such as in bodybuilding. It is used in most cases to increase dryness and stiffness of muscles, and also to increase the power performance and endurance volumes.

Also, in Europe, Rexogin is used for medical purposes: for the development of secondary sexual characteristics of male type, to strengthen the bone structure of the body, for a quick recovery after injuries or burns and other reasons.


Steroid Rexogin: description of the effects and properties

The basis of the preparation, as already noted, is an injectable stanozolol. Designed he was still in the middle of the 20th century. More specifically, the first injectable stanozolol entered the pharmaceutical market in 1962, when he produced exclusively under the brand name "Winstrol Depot" and its production by large pharmaceutical Alpha Pharma Winthrop Laboratories.

As the effects of the steroid stanozolol injectable, which is based on drug Rexogin, is an anabolic with moderate androgenic activity. Its anabolic power equals 320% of the endogenous testosterone androgenic effect - only 30% of the testosterone. Steroid detection time - 3 weeks.

We also know that Rexogin, applied in accordance with the recommendations inhibit catabolic processes, strengthens tissue respiration, promotes the deposition of calcium in the bones, delayed useful elements in the body (phosphorus, nitrogen, sulfur) and leads to the development of secondary sexual characteristics of male type (growth of body hair, voice, etc.).

However, it not only has the positive properties of the steroid. During the application Rexogin may have side effects, which include: high blood pressure, joint pains, increased cholesterol levels in the blood, myocardial hypertrophy with the predisposition to the disease and certain other abnormalities.

On the other hand steroid Rexogin (Stanozolol Injection) is absolutely not subject flavoring, ie gynecomastia and fluid retention athlete not afraid. Plus, the reception of anabolic not lead to a decrease in natural testosterone. And, just as importantly, in contrast to stanozolol in oral form, the drug has no toxic effects and is completely safe for the liver.

However, despite the relative harmlessness, application Rexogin women - not the best idea. Girls do not recommend using stanozolol injection because of the high risk of virilization symptoms effects (increase in voice, the growth in size of the clitoris, excessive growth of body hair, etc.).


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