NandroRapid - 10 ampul per carton

NandroRapid - 10 ampul per carton

NandroRapid (Nandrolone Phenylpropionate) by Alpha Pharma

Manufacturer: Alpha pharma

Price: 60 EUR

NandroRapid - 10 ampul per carton

NandroRapid - it is quite powerful anabolic drug on the course exhibit minimal side effects. At the same time the positive qualities of this steroid are many and useful for both experienced athletes and novices alike, are unfamiliar with the world of sports pharmacology: the drug increases protein synthesis, increases the concentration of red blood cells, strengthens the immune system, bone structure, and so on. That why NandroRapid one of most powerfull drug, that you could buy online.


Steroid used mainly in sports practice, bodybuilding, for a set of muscle mass and strengthen the body. However, he has a different purpose. In particular, due to the ability to increase the strength of bones and ligaments can be effectively used in medicine, for example, to treat osteoporosis and other ailments prevent.


More recently, the company Alpha Pharma has implemented a check on the authenticity of the product. This system is based on the introduction of the verification code on the official site. Code preparation can be found on the blister or, if tablets or a bank, if injectable form (located under the protective layer on the label). However, please note that this protective system has been added only recently, that is, it is not on the drugs earlier parties in Europe.


The basis of this is a powerful anabolic steroid Nandrolone Phenylpropionate, showing a slight androgenic effects. This is a modification of Nandrolone, is small duration - about 3-5 days.

Nandrolone Phenylpropionate ethereal chain, and, consequently, drug NandroRapid 2 times shorter than that of nandrolone decanoate, and as a result more cheap. That is why the steroid active ingredient is rapidly absorbed into the blood and has less exposure time on the human body. This same property of the active substance and forming other distinctive features of the formulation. Firstly, a shorter period of exposure substantially reduces the risk of side effects. Second, it reduces the cooldown of testosterone after the course. Third, in the event of side effects or poor tolerability course can be stopped and all the adverse reactions will disappear.

The course NandroRapid exhibits multiple positive attributes, among which are the following properties and effects:

• Increase protein synthesis and decrease protein loss cells, which provides a powerful muscle growth;

• Strengthen the bone structure of the body, ligaments and joints due to the delay of calcium in the body and additional collagen synthesis;

• The anti-inflammatory effects, reflected in the elimination of joint pain; & nbsp;

• Increasing the concentration of red blood cells;

• Increase the body's immune defense.

NandroRapid preparation have not only positive effects but also side effects. In particular, the drug may lead to the following ailments and abnormalities in the body rash, headache, rhinitis (runny nose), back pain, a slight decrease in the natural production of testosterone.

But the main drawback this steroid are not the side effects, and the progestogenic activity of the drug and its effects. For example, when using the maximum recommended dose of this anabolic, despite the almost complete absence of flavoring, can manifest fluid retention, gynecomastia and increased body fat. To mitigate these side effects athlete can use anti-estrogens, such as Clomid or Tamoxifen.

There is also a downside NandroRapid include the following features: the need for frequent administration of steroid (every 2-3 days) and the inability to use it before the competition. First it is explained a short shelf-life of the active ingredient, the second - long excretion of metabolites of the active substance from the body (16-18 months).

Application NandroRapid women is also justified, as its use by men. During his reception is easy to avoid the phenomena of virilization (an increase in size of the clitoris, an increase in voice, excessive growth of body hair, etc.), And therefore, this steroid can effectively use the fairer sex. The recommended dosage for women - 50-100 mg per week, there are cases of use and large doses - about 50-100 mg every 3 days.

Important: the storage should be carried out of a sunlight and out of reach of children.