Mix 3 (Nandrolone, Testosterone)

Mix 3 (Nandrolone, Testosterone)

Mix 3 Nandro D Testo C - Spectrum Pharm

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Mix 3 (Nandrolone, Testosterone)

MIX 3 (testosterone, nandrolone)

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MIX 3 (testosterone, nandrolone) is used in medicine as a replacement hormone therapy with testosterone deficiency, and is widely used in bodybuilding, strength triathlon and weightlifting. Included in the mixture of testosterone esters have different absorption rate in the blood, which allows for up to month of maintain the body in an increased hormone activity.


In an average muscle mass increases for 6 kg per month. The drug has a catabolic activity - prevents disintegration of protein, promotes regeneration of muscle fibers, increases the number of red blood cells and thus improves the oxygen supply to tissues and organs.

Athletes, taking MIX 3 (testosterone, nandrolone) to increase their stamina, appetite, and for almost complete absence of "rollback phenomenon". There is also increased libido.


Use and dosage  

Injections MIX 3 (testosterone, nandrolone) should be done once a week. The optimal dose is considered to be 500 ml, but some athletes who already have a positive experience in the use of anabolic steroids increase the volume to 1000 ml.

Admission course of MIX 3 (testosterone, nandrolone) should lasts 6-8 weeks. With increasing duration of use is recommended for the production of the natural gonadotropin hormones.


MIX 3 (testosterone, nandrolone) Combinations with other anabolic drugs can reduce the risk of adverse effects and enhance the effectiveness of the course. But if you are going to «drying» course, it eill be goo to use Winstrol with MIX 3 to gain better results.


Contraindications and side effects

MIX 3 (testosterone, nandrolone) is contraindicated for young people under 21, whose muscule system has not yet been formed, persons with hypertension and cardio-vascular nature.


MIX 3 (testosterone, nandrolone) popular in Europe and effective medication for the full training and preparation for a competition that combines security with the use of effects stability.