Mix 1 (Testosterone, Nandrolone)

Mix 1 (Testosterone, Nandrolone)

Mix 1 Testosterone Phenylpropionate and Nandrolone Phenylpropionate

Manufacturer: Spectrum-Pharm

Price: 36 EUR

Mix 1 (Testosterone, Nandrolone)

Mix 1 is the most optimal combination of two drugs - Nandrolone phenylpropionate and testosterone phenylpropionate. The concentration of each substance per milliliter most closely matched so that the athlete colud receive maximum exhaust rate of the drug with a minimal risk of side effects. This bundle is ideal for the period of "drying" before the competition and for pure mass gain. This effect achieved by combining a competent agents. The highlight of Mix 1 is trenbolone acetate - one of the most effective steroids for a set of high-quality mass in principle. Drostanolone very well manifest itself for a period of fat burning, and testosterone increases effect of the previous two drugs. All this gives a huge synergy effect. The drug is not for beginners!


Mix 1 why should i buy it online?

The effects of the reception:


- Maximum speed dialing high-quality muscle mass without the accumulation of body fat and water

- Increased libido

- Beneficial effects on the health of the joints and ligaments, improving the overall recovery of the body between loads

- Flavoring

- Increase in prolactin (requires control of its level)


How to take Mix 1  

Course Mix 1 should last no more than 8 weeks. Injections optimally to do 3 times a week for 1 ml at a time. All the products included in the mix are a fairly short half-life (1 to 3 days), and therefore included in full operation almost immediately, so 8 weeks - more than enough time for rate drug. It is also worth bearing in mind that trenbolone - is very powerful medication arc suppression , so if course is too long, you may have run into the need to restore its own testosterone production after a cycle.


How to make Mix 1, be sure to hand over the analysis on prolactin. The fact that trenbolone is a progestin, so it can raise levels of the hormone prolactin in the blood, which a very unpleasant side effects (decreased libido, quality of erection, breast growth, deposition of fat on the female type). In the case of high levels of the hormone - urgently start taking cabergoline (bargaining. References. - Dostinex, Bergolak) 1 tablet once a week. Get tested next week. It is also important to monitor the level of estradiol on the course and take an aromatase inhibitor (anastrozole, letrozole) in order to avoid all of the same side effects.


Reviews Mix 1


Left literally rave reviews the drug. There is a very high-quality and rapid increase in muscle mass on courses, and very fast fat burning in the "drying", together with the seal of the muscles. Side effects from Mix 1 arise, as a rule, when you dosage is too large.


Control the level of prolactin and estradiol on the course, be prepared in time to take action. Do not use too high doses of the drug, and, of course, do not forget the well-built diet and training. With this approach, you will gain from taking the drug solid pros, as once again demonstrate reviews of Mix 1 athletes who wisely came to the planning cycle.