Pharmabold 300

Pharmabold 300

Pharmabold 300 (Boldenone Undecylenate)

Manufacturer: Pharmacom Labs

Price: 46 EUR

Pharmabold 300

Pharmabold 300 (Boldenone) often used among athletes in the US and Europe and has neither a dozen years. Pharmabold 300 (Boldenone), as trenbolone, was originally developed for use in veterinary medicine. In veterinary medicine, it was used to enhance appetite, improve muscle. After years of use Pharmabold 300 (Boldenone) in veterinary medicine, to which the animals gained an excellent weight without any side effects, bodybuilders just could not miss this steroid.



Pharmabold 300 (Boldenone) is used in courses for a set of muscle mass. It is particularly suitable for beginners "chemists." Pharmabold 300 (Boldenone) is one of the best preparations for the 1st year, unless of course you have chosen for the 1st course injectable rather than oral. Thanks to his novices it will be able to gain quality muscle mass without any side effects to the body, with all the muscle mass after application Pharmabold 300 (Boldenone) is preserved. Of course it will be qualitative, if you do not have the entire course of donuts and chocolate and will eat properly. For the first year Pharmabold 300 (Boldenone) can be used as the only steroid on the course, at a dosage of 400-600 mg. in Week. For the more experienced athletes who want to gain quality muscle mass Pharmabold 300 (Boldenone) at a dose of 600 mg. per week combined with 200-400 mg. Trenbolone enanthate per week, and 40 mg. Turinabol day.


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In course of Pharmabold 300 (Boldenone) is usually used because it perfectly enhances appetite and this steroid is most often replaced by Deco, who is a progestin, and some athletes do not like nandrolone decanoate. To increase the weight Pharmabold 300 (Boldenone) in an amount of 600-1000 mg. per week combined with 250-1000 mg of Sustanon a week, this combination can also add 30-50 mg. Methane per day. Dosages vary depending on experience and the goals of the athlete. For experienced athletes Pharmabold 300 (Boldenone) in the stage set of the masses rather weak steroid and is more suitable for the drying step, as in the recruitment of the masses with their dosages Sustanon, trenbolone and methane is doubtful that they will see some effect of Pharmabold 300 (Boldenone) .


Pharmabold 300 (Boldenone) is perfect for women, because it does not greatly increases the amount of androgens in the blood and thus on the Female athletes virilization do not worry. Also Pharmabold 300 (Boldenone) is widely used by athletes of those sports where endurance is needed, as this steroid stimulates the production of erythropoietin pretty kidney, it increases the number of red blood cells, which move oxygen to all cells of the body. And oxygen helps in those sports where endurance is needed, such as athletics. In bodybuilding this property of this anabolic helps to achieve excellent vascularity, not really one other steroid do not increase the vascularity athlete as Pharmabold 300 (Boldenone).