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Tesamorelin (TH9507) - GRAPH. Tesamorelin stimulates the production / dissemination of the body of GH, which is actively involved in metabolism, stimulates the reduction of the amount of fat in the abdominal area, it helps to improve the shape of the body to properly distribute energy use.


Older and buy Tesamorelin online and it will stimulates cognitive performance

Tesamorelin is a stabilized analogue of GnRH, which stimulates the production of growth hormone GH physiological and specific sense. Clinical studies now suggest that HIV-Tesamorelin infetsirovannyh with abdominal lipohypertrophy reduces the amount of visceral fat as well as those not infected.


In Europe, conducted a placebo-controlled trial showed that the peptide Tezamorelin that stimulates GH helped show a better result in the testing of cognitive function (ability to learn / learning, intellectual activity). Thus a good result was achieved as in the case with healthy elderly people, and in the case of people whose cognitive impairment observed. According to Dr. Laura D. Baker (Laura D. Baker), the number of points scored in the dvadtsatinedelnyh standard tests for verbal memory and function of the organization, participants who took Tesamorelin, was much higher.


The results of testing cognitive function in participants of the test, designed for 78 people who took the drug were also higher than in the placebo group. Several tests that were conducted under the test showed that the system of the growth hormone (also its metabolites) is associated with cognitive function: when the level of growth hormone decreases with age cognitive function. C age level of production of GnRH, as GH and IGF-1 decreased. Insulin-like growth factor, in particular, has a major neurotrophic properties that protect neurons from degenerative conditions, as well as other growth factors activate neurons.

When using GnRH animal experts have recorded improved biomarker of brain function, significantly improved performance on tests of perception.


GRF test, which was conducted in 2006. Showed significant improvements in test results on the perception of the healthy elderly. In this study, conducted by the National Institute on Aging, forty-one, having no problems with cognitive function, and thirty-seven people with placebo or Tezamorelin randomly at 1 mg / day subcutaneously.


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The age of participants was 66-70let four groups. During the initial testing of the mini-mental faculties average score for healthy participants was 29, and for participants with disabilities 28. Participants with disabilities and healthy participants differed on the first level test (a paraphrase of the text), his average: healthy 54 points, people with deviations of 44 points. The two-week reception Tezamorelina had on people with disabilities a protective effect, as opposed to a two-week placebo. As a result of counting the total number of points it turned out that people who have abnormalities in cognitive function after receiving Tezamorelina received the same scores as healthy people and people with disabilities who took the placebo showed a result that was worse on 5 points.


Trial studies showed that Tesamorelin improved functions of the organization of people who do not have abnormalities in cognitive activity, and people with mild disabilities. Identified results also show that Tesamorelin promotes protection / preservation of information that is obtained verbally. The study was funded by the National Institute on Aging.


Application and dosage to avoide side effects:

Injections are done subcutaneously. For more information on dosages and application you can learn after purchase Tezamorelina.


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