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Mechanical growth factor (Peg-MGF) that biologically active peptide is an isoform of IGF 1 LR3. It is in the natural form is present in the body is produced during exercise and is responsible for muscle growth, as a form of adaptation to muscle strain. If you go into detail on the direct effect is the process of dividing the muscle myoblasts, increase their number. Before that peptides influenced mainly hypertrophy (increase of volume of muscle fibers), and the effect on hyperplasia (increased number of muscle cells) were thought to be impossible, the MGF has shown that this is possible and is greatly effective. While the advantage of this peptide is that it does not affect anything in the body except on the muscles.

The main problem MGF is a short duration - only about 10-20 minutes. The output of this situation became pegelirovanie.


Pegelirovany - is coupled to molecules polietilenglekolya. The compound is done in order to increase the decay time of the drug, which is the molecule without a half hour, buy it and it`s increased up to several days.

The main effects for athletes - bodybuilders in the case of the drug are:

• Increased muscle growth (though mainly due to hyperplasia).

• Increased Stamina

• Increase relief


How to take Peg-MGF

In Europe currently has formed a normal correct method of receiving the drug:

  • Daily dose is about 100-200 mg, and the frequency of reception - on a couple of times a week to daily.

  • In The days of training necessary to enter the drug immediately after training.

Entering the contents of the ampoule subcutaneously, insulin syringes.


Online instruction Peg-MGF:

The peptide was administered intramuscularly immediately after training. Dosage is divided in half on the left and right part of the muscle (for example 50% in the left biceps, and 50% on the right biceps).

With such a reception circuit changes a little training. So once a week arm rigidly to "kill" high-intensity workouts, the remaining 6 days, she trains at low intensity, a relatively short time-pampingovom mode. Those. most importantly every day to pump the muscle with blood. Then just put the peptide intramuscularly. With this regimen is indeed confirmed by the local muscle growth.


Reviewe of Peg-MGF

Most often between 1 month and up to the desired result, no progressive pobochek essentially cancels restriction in time of ingestion. However, we do recommend taking breaks every 2 months in order to prevent the development of tolerance to the peptide receptor.


Side effects Peg-MGF

In some cases, there was increase in delayed onset muscle soreness, as it turned out to achieve in training more substantial and deep mikrotravmirovaniya muscles. During the period of compensation and overcompensation occurred much faster than usual. Those. for large krepaturnyh pain itself delayed onset muscle soreness passed much faster than usual.