Manufacturer: Canada Peptides

Price: 21 EUR


Short description:


It has a high penetrating power, stimulates the synthesis of collagen and glycosaminoglycans of the dermis increases skin elasticity, reduces wrinkles. It has a pronounced "Anti-age" effect.

Full description:

Tripeptide derivative consisting of a series-connected amino acid residues: glycine, histidine and lysine, soedenёnnyh with palmitic acid.

Palmitic acid - fatty acid. It contributes to a better penetration of oil into the deeper layers of the skin.


The peptide GHK, in fact, a fragment of collagen molecules. It is an indicator of degradation of the skin. It participates in the formation of new collagen molecules. GHK peptide is a "warning system" of collagen. When the number of eptida increases fibroblasts "perceive" this as a lack of collagen. After that, it begins to develop. Therefore, a way oligopeptide palmitol (Palmitoyl oligopeptide) not only sosobstvuet deeper penetration into the skin, but also promotes the production of collagen.

Another interesting point about the peptide GHK, is that it is an integral part of the other copper-containing peptide Cu-GHK. Which sosobstvuet normal obmeeu copper on the surface of the skin.


Thanks to its features PAL-GHK virtually protected from pobychnyh effects. It zanchit that if you decide to buy a drug - you almost nothing to worry about.


Thus, oligopeptide palmitol (Palmitoyl oligopeptide) spobstvuet better roniknoveniyu active substances in cosmetics, and also stimulates collagen growth.


Like many of the athletes say in their online reviews PAL-GHK, probably the best you can get in Europe at a decent price.