Melanotan 1

Melanotan 1

Melanotan 1

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Melanotan 1

Melanotan 1 - a peptide that causes sunburn and has a function to strengthen erections and increase libido. The drug is a synthetic analog of the peptide melanocortin, which determines the color of the skin and sunburn.


Peptide helps to achieve the desired shade of tan in a very short period of time - from 15 to 20 days. It is also possible to accelerate pigmentation, visiting the solarium or sunbathing on the sun in Europe.


MT 1 prepares the skin to tan, significantly reducing the risk of sunburn, as well as preventing the development of melanoma. If the skin is burned under the influence of sunlight, then peel off melanotanom chances are reduced.


Synthetic Melanotan was developed in the US as a means of protection against cancerous skin lesions, because the peptide does not transmit ultraviolet rays and has a protective effect of protecting the skin. Modification of melanocortin (which is subject to very rapid decay when introduced into the body) is called Melanotan-2. This peptide was approximately 1000 times more powerful than its natural counterpart and patented called Melanotan-1.


The peptide Melanotan passed 3 stages of clinical trials, in which proved high efficiency and quality of the drug.


Effects Melanotan 1:


- Enhances the tan;


- Further accelerates the pigmentation of the solarium or sun exposure;

- Amplifies erection (within 2 hours after the first injection administration);

- It has a property to suppress appetite;

- Also works as an aphrodisiac;


Melanotan 1: Course. Dosages


Dosages vary widely and peptide are not bound to the calculation of mg per kg of total body weight. On average, one-time dose is 1 mg per day. Injections are made daily insulin syringe into the skin fold (preferably on the stomach), to achieve the desired shade of tan. Melanotan 2vyzyvaet tan after subcutaneous injections of 5 doses.


You should know that a darkening of the skin may occur moles that after the cessation of injection eventually pass.


If you are planning to combine the injection of Melanotan with solarium, that for maximum effect it is recommended to sunbathe in 30-60 minutes after injection.


What is different from the Melanotan Bremelanotide?


Bremelanotide (Bremelanotide, cipher PT-141) - is a metabolite of MT-2, which lacks the amide with the terminal. This peptide causes sunburn and enhances erections, but is mainly used for the final effect. We are currently in clinical trials Bremelanotide as a treatment for patients with erectile disfuntsiey and for the treatment of disorders of sexual desire. PT-141 is different from Viagra and similar tools (for example, Aesculapius) that does not affect the blood vessels in the genital organs, but enhances sexual desire; It may also be applicable in women.


Melanotan 1 sporte. Since in MT-2 causes increased libido and has the effect of Pumping, like Aesculapius from the Balkans, it should be used to increase blood supply to the muscle fibers and to increase Pumping muscles during training.


Side effects


At the moment, the MT-2 is not approved by the FDA for use in humans. But the completion of the third phase of clinical trials MT-1, it is approved by European Medicines Agency (EMA) Name Review Group (NRG).


The studies showed that after injection of Melanotan not melanocytes become cancerous, they are absolutely safe stimulation.


Melanotan: reviews


In a short time (about 2 weeks) gives a beautiful shade of tan swarthy. It has aphrodisiac properties. Very good it prepares the skin for the summer season; skin after injection cycle Melanotan significantly less burns in the sun.


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