Melanotan 2

Melanotan 2

Melanotan 2

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Melanotan 2

Melanotan 2 is a synthetic analog of a natural peptide hormone melanocortin. This hormone is responsible for the production of melanin in the body - protective pigment, which depends on the color of the skin. Melanotan 2, which is used today as the primary therapeutic agent for the prevention of melanoma and sunburn stimulation was developed by American scientists. The drug melanotan 2 equally in demand and effective for many tasks in cosmetology and medicine in Europe.


Melanotan 2 multiplies the synthesis of melanin. Therefore, taking this drug can control the degree of susceptibility to sunburn body and influence the skin tone. Melanotan 2 is especially popular with people who have fair skin or skin prone to the appearance of redness or even sunburn. In addition to obtaining a uniform and aesthetically pleasing Sun, melanotan 2 allows us to reduce to zero the risk of sunburn and melanoma (skin cancer), as well as to minimize the negative impact of the solarium. It should be noted that although the preparation and protected from UV rays, but without them it would not exercise its action. So, after taking Melanotan 2 for proper effect it is necessary to visit a solarium or sunbathing.


In addition, Melanotan 2 stimulates the libido and sexual activity, in connection with which the drug can be considered an aphrodisiac as they say in online reviewes. On top of that Melanotan 2 can reduce the appetite, so it can be used as a tool to control obesity.


Application Features


The optimum daily dosage of Melanotan 2 is calculated purely individual. According to the instructions, a day is recommended to take 1 mg melanotan 2 per 100 kg of human weight. So, a person weighing 50 kg to achieve the proper effect, simply enter 0.5 mg Melanotan. Injection of drugs is better to do 30-60 minutes before sunbathing or a solarium.


Melanotan 2 must enter 1 time per day and the duration of the course is 15-30 days. To keep the result (a certain shade of tan) can continue to use melanotan 2 several times a week. Generally, the effect of the application of Melanotan 2 is already visible after 1 week. Because melanotan 2 stimulates the pigmentation of the skin when exposed to UV rays, to accelerate and enhance tanning should visit the solarium or in the sun.


Side effects and contraindications


To rule out the possibility of harm to your body, do not exceed the recommended dosage specialists, and reception Melanotan 2 should start with a low dose (1/4 of the calculated daily concentration), gradually leading to the desired value. Sometimes, while taking the drug may be headache, nausea or dizziness, which usually is temporary and goes alone. Contraindications melanotan 2 include: pregnancy, breast-feeding, as well as the propensity to cancer.


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