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IGF-1lr3 is a new word in the sport industry. A company that managed to arrange a unique preparation in search of an alternative of fast IGF-1 developed IGF-1 Long R3 or just igf-1lr3. It was characterized by its sustained-release (long half-life). This drug, the structure of which has 83 amino acids, has a more pronounced anabolic activity than its predecessor. And you can order IGF-1 directly from our online shop.

So why should I choose to order IGF1 LR3 online?

There are a lot of peptides, which you can buy online. The drug IGF1 LR3 is a kind of analogue of its own. IGF is attached to it with a special link, which increases the time of the life of the peptide in the body. The drug acts primarily on the carbohydrate metabolism. Check out IGF-1 – order it online as is being absorbed into the bloodstream. After that is reaches the cells in the body. The active ingredient of IGF-1lr3 completely blocks the flow of the glucose into the cells, which causes the body to process it to produce the missing energy adipose tissue, resulting in a marked reduction in the body fat within a few weeks. Buy IGF-1 online and see the effect by yourself. 


Although the main purpose of the drug is the stimulation of the synthesis of the muscle fibers, there is a number of other purposes which may make you to use IGF-1 (order it in our online shop). IGF-1lr3 copes with a diverse range of challenges effectively: increases the "dry" muscle mass; strengthens significantly the performance, enhances the breakdown of a fat deposits, improves the muscle relief. Indications should be required to discuss with the specialist. If you think, that your drug is IGF-1 – buy it online and enjoy it.

Can I buy Igf-1l3 in Europe online?

Another interesting feature of IGF1 LR3 can be considered as its effects on the muscle tissue, because it stimulates all processes of a proliferation and differentiation of myoblasts. Those are the muscle tissues that reacts hyperplasia (namely increase in the number of muscle cells) due to the activation of muscle stem cells. It results in a stimulated uptake of amino acids and protein synthesis in your muscles or other tissues. Buy IGF1 LR3 and rest assured that it is also quite beneficial for virility, but like any drug it has its some contradictions that may apply in certain cases. The drug will promote a faster healing of muscle fibers and accelerate the process of recovery after injuries as well as the growth of all of your power performance – keep that in mind.

Application Features review

The daily dosage of Igf-1l3 is defined individually and may vary in a wide range from 20 to 120 mg. Most often athletes take up 100 mg a day. If you choose IGF1 – buy it online to ensure you get the genuine drug.

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Some experts recommend 4 (25 mg) or 2 (50 mg) as a daily dose of a drug. The best time for injection is the period right after the workout. Also is recommended to inject Igf1 lr3 after sleeping in the afternoon for better effect, because at this time the level of cortisol is the highest ever. You can read more about how to use the drug on the package or to discuss it with your doctor. The best way to buy IGF Igf1 lr3 is to do it on our website. You can do it in a convenient time and in any place. We promptly deliver your order to any place in Europe. It is even more comfortable and transparent to do your shopping in our online shop. We will give you the opportunity to pay for goods directly at the place of receipt.