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Online reviewe of the drug Hexarelin


Hexarelin purchase was made possible with 1999, although it opened in 1976 in Europe. It affects growth hormones and the pituitary gland.


Hexarelin releasing peptide His-DTrp-Ala-Trp-DPhe-Lys-NH2 (ghrp 6), under his influence, increased stamina, increasing muscle mass, decreased body fat. After all, it stimulates the secretion of growth hormone. It strengthens bones, improves the structure of the hair and skin, has anti-inflammatory effect, increases the amount of collagen. It is approved for children.


These anabolic GH allow rejuvenation of the body, strengthening the muscles.


He is one of the best components to build muscle that you could buy.


The joint action

1. It is used with IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor), which stimulates the immune system.

2. GHRH + GHRP used as a hormone and a peptide.

3. GHRP 2 stronger action in half. More prolactin and cortisol the body produces to GHRP 2. With simultaneous use of GHRP 2 + GHRP 6 plasma levels have more growth hormone.

4. At the Hexarelin gives a beautiful relief of muscle.

5. Arginine increases efficiency by 15%, 30% insulin.

6. CJC-1295 + GHRP-6 - course combines bodybuilding.


Hexarelin enables reduction of ghrelin, which is produced by the stomach, it is due to blocking generating. Ghrelin enhances appetite and insulin levels, due to this accumulation of fat. The liver begins to actively produce IGF-1 is due to resource HGH.


Possible side effects

It is used to recover from injuries, but more often in sports. GHRP 6 and can be bought for its ability to help you quickly build muscle fibers, special exercises will increase the muscles that are valuable to the competition of a sport. Police and operational employees who need a good physical fitness, can also use it to food during digestion developed not only the growth of adipose tissue.


In Hexarelin includes 28 amino acids.


Hexarelin how to make:


1. It is used as an injection, either subcutaneously or intramuscularly.

2. The optimal dose of 1 mg / 1 kg body weight.

3. 1 mg 1 000 mg.

4. Store in a dry form in the refrigerator.

5. Enter the 3 times a day 15 minutes before meals, at bedtime.