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Follistatin called peptide that recently appeared in Europe. Synthesize it succeeded well-known scientist Si Jin Lee. Experiments that ucheny e conducted on animals have shown that this drug is a blocker of the myostatin gene. Those who are engaged in bodybuilding or other "iron" sports know that the presence in humans of the gene makes it possible to increase the amount of muscle tissue indefinitely. Myostatin inhibits muscle hypertrophy. Of course, there are athletes who have this gene is not active. Thus, for example, it is the Flex Wheeler. But most people have this gene is very active. And now there is the possibility of a gene to "turn off".


Scientists have been working on the search for growth differentiation factor blockers (myostatin). And even some drugs found. However, their efficiency is very low. Really only works follistatin-344. And now you could buy it online.


The human body this peptide is vital! After all, there is no other miostina blocker, not giving the possibility to build large amounts of muscle mass. It is very important not only for bodybuilders, but also for ordinary people far from the sport. Because muscle cells under the influence of follistatin not only begin to develop at a high speed, but also tend to rejuvenate.


After all, the human body is able to synthesize follistatin. That's only with age slows down the secretion of follistatin. As melatonin and other hormones. Due to the slow secretion of myostatin increases the impact. As a result, muscle cells begin to actively regenerate into fatty tissue. And all the nutrients that enter the human body, are converted into fat. It is for this reason that people in the age become loose and flabby.


An athlete who takes follistatin, which blocks the action of myostatin, always looks as though he had just visited the room. Although he had long since ceased employment. Muscles do not lose elasticity and primordial forces remain constantly inflated.

The composition of the drug - a pure folistatin-344.


How to take the drug to avoid side efffects

Injections follistatin produced under the code or in fat tissue. This is done in order to better dissolve the peptide.


Dosage on course

Take follistatin courses. Minimum course - 10 days. Take the drug is less than 10 days does not make sense. The maximum duration of the course - 21 days. The recommended dose of 100-200 mg of the drug.


Good online Review

Because the drug has appeared in our country recently, little athletes have tried it for yourself. But those who are already acquainted with follistatin, noted that over the course of 10 days, they were able to add to 4 kg. Also note all strength gain, increased appetite and a good deep sleep.