Follistatin 344

Follistatin 344

Follistatin 344

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Follistatin 344

Follistatin (follistatin) is known as an autocrine activin-binding glycoprotein that is produced almost all tissues of the body. This peptide encoded by the gene, and FST directly combats myostatin. As we know, that myostatin - a bodybuilder enemy №1 in Europe.


The key regulatory factor myostatin-follistatinovoy systems are myostatin - a potent endogenous inhibitor of muscle growth and its physiological blocker - follistatin. Increasing the concentration of myostatin in the body is the immediate cause of age and hereditary muscular dystrophy, a genetic defect in the gene for myostatin, on the contrary, lead to the appearance of individuals with increased muscle mass. Available online data suggest that reducing myostatin using Follistatin 344 (follistatin) does not lead to undesirable health consequences, so the impact aimed at the removal from the body of myostatin may be promising in the treatment of muscular dystrophy and in sports medicine, and in zootechnics. FST significantly accelerates muscle growth!


Myostatin - synthesized within body a protein that inhibits the growth and differentiation of muscle tissue. Miostitan formed in the muscles and then released into the bloodstream, providing its effect on muscle by binding to receptors ACVR2B (activin type II receptor). Myostatin yakloveka encoded in a gene MSTN and studies show that blocking the action of myostatin peptide Follistatin 344 leads to a significant increase in lean body mass with an almost complete absence of fat in a short time. Good reason to buy it.


The recommended duration of the course of 30 days.

Total vials on one course - 2 Follistatin 344 vial to 1 mg of active ingredient each. Makes 1 injection per day in the morning for 100 mcg subcutaneously in the abdominal oblique muscles. Peptide may be used locally. There are versions that in this case the drug increases the target muscle to a greater extent than others. After 10 days of use is the same 10-day break. After this break, it is recommended to start a new 10-day cycle.


Solubility of Follistatin 344 on course:

It is recommended to add 2 ml of water for injection in a bottle and wait until complete dissolution of the lyophilized pellet. In this embodiment, the dilution, the required dosage of us peptide 100 micrograms, is at the level of "20" insulinki. Let me remind you, we use only 100ed insulinki!



Lyophilized Follistatin 344 although stable at room temperature for 2 weeks, but still should be stored powder at 5 ° C in a refrigerator. Upon dilution, the peptide should be stored solely in a refrigerator at 5 ° C up to 2 weeks. We can not allow freezing and thawing of the peptide after dilution!