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DSIP (Delta Sleep Inducing Peptide) is a drug that affects the respective areas of the brain. DSIP was discovered in 1974, as a result of the experiment of Swiss scientists succeeded in isolating a substance that causes the delta phase of sleep in rabbits. DSIP is a best drug that can buy online.

The drug is a softer drug, compared with pharmaceutical hypnotic complexes, which are developed on the basis of alien substances to our body. Delta sleep induces peptide (DSIP) that is structurally most similar to the natural sleep regulator. The latter is stored in the human body.

Properties and effects of DSIP (buy online to get the full effect of it):

1. The anti-stress effect. DSIP protects the body from stress. And this is very important because it is well known that stress is the most negative pathogenic state for the nervous system. It leads to various diseases and complications. DSIP has stress-protective properties, the main task of which is to ensure the normal operation of processes such as the synthesis of the serotonin, to maintain a normal blood glucose level, management of the NMDA-receptor and more.
2. The anti-carcinogenic properties. Several studies conducted on mice showed, that the number of tumors in experimental animals decreased by 2.6 times. Also, after a course of the diseased mice was found DSIP slowing tumor growth.
3. The slowing of aging. The same studies on mice showed that DSIP is able to extend the life cycle. Experimental mice lived on average 24% longer.
4. The suppression of alcoholates and drug addiction. DSIP inhibits the work of opiate receptors, resulting the development of the negative dependency on drugs and alcohol is stopped.
5. DSIP is able to prevent spasms, so its use is justified even when dealing with epileptic seizures.

Side effects of DSIP

Before moving on to order DSIP please check out its side effects. It is an absolutely safe drug because studies did not reveal any adverse effects from taking it. The peptide of delta sleep can be used by people with the heart rhythm disturbances, the disturbances of sleep and by completely healthy people to improve the overall condition of the body due to the positive effects of DSIP.

The use of the DSIP

DSIP injected subcutaneously or intramuscularly for 1-3 hours before the bedtime. The effective dosage ranges 200-750 mcg. For more information on dosages and about the drug you can contact our managers. You can buy DSIP of a high quality in Europe in our online shop.