DES(1-3) IGF

DES(1-3) IGF

DES(1-3) IGF

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DES(1-3) IGF

Natural peptide DES IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor-1) is synthesized by the liver cells under influence of growth hormone (somatotropin), which, in turn, is secreted into the blood by the pituitary gland. Like insulin, DES Igf-1 cells increases the ability to absorb glucose thereby accelerating the synthesis of peptide chains of amino acids (protein synthesis accelerates and retards its destruction).


Thanks to these features the reception of synthetic peptide of  DES IGF-1, which completely corresponds to the natural somatomedin, can achieve tangible anabolic effect and a significant growth of muscle tissue. In addition, IGF-1 promotes elimination of subcutaneous fat.


IGF-1 is Des 1-3 - a powerful anabolic peptide that is a form of IGF-1. The difference from conventional structure DES IGF-1 is the truncation circuit 3 molecules of IGF-1, which, in turn, consists of 70 amino acids. Igf1 des 10 times more powerful and effective than IGF-1, which is explained by the fact that IGF-1 Des 1-3 does not interact with proteins.


Acceptance of such a drug stimulates muscle growth, improves the appetite, in parallel with this showing a good fat-burning effect (increases lipolysis). The anabolic effect of Des 1-3 IGF-1 is due to its ability to accelerate the synthesis of protein, so there are new muscle fibers and grow existing ones. Lipolysis occurs through activation of triglyceride lipase enzyme responsible for the cleavage of the trihydric alcohol glycerol from the fatty acid molecules. In turn, the fatty acids are transported into muscle tissue, where they become the main source of energy for the production of protein.


IGF-1 is capable of increasing Des 1-3 Pumping during exercise, improve muscle fullness, and improve the process of delivering power to the cells, as well as to enhance the absorption of amino acids. IGF-1 DES (1-3) is characterized by a small half-life, which is about 20 minutes, so it is used locally. Thus, the drug mainly affects the target muscle at the injection site.


DES IGF1 Review


According to the reviews experienced athletes, the optimum dosage igf-1 is 100 mg / day. Recommended intramuscular injection, without daily, 2-3 times a week (preferably on training days). If desired, the drug can be divided into two times with a gap of at least 10-12 hours.


Duration of igf-1 is selected individually and can vary from 4 to 12 weeks. If long-term treatment in the body begins to produce antibodies, so between courses is recommended to take a break (about 4-6 weeks). Details of the drug, read the instructions.


Side effects. What do they say in Europe?


Abuse of igf-1 can cause uncontrolled growth of internal organs, bones and thickening of the skin, accumulation of water in the body (edema), so before applying you should consult with a specialist who will select the optimal dosage of the drug, taking into account the individual characteristics of the athlete.


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