AOD9604 line sequence

AOD9604 line sequence

AOD9604 line sequence

Manufacturer: Canada Peptides

Price: 25 EUR

AOD9604 line sequence

AOD9604 line sequence is stabilizing particle GH molecule, consisting of from 176 to 191 amino acids. The new version that we have in Europe of AOD 9604 peptide is more resistant to high temperatures, which guarantees workerness product after transporting the product in question allows to give the required boost to burn fat mass, the speed of the process is 12 times faster than the growth hormone. It also has inhibitory properties to new fatty substances in the body, it does not experience any positive and negative effects of growth hormone in the body. Of primary effect of the drug HGH Fragment (176-191) is considered to be the absence of any interaction with the growth hormone receptors. In addition, the drug increases the expression of genes characteristic of Beta-3 adrenergic receptor that enhances lipolysis in humans. Those are good reasons to buy AOD9604 line sequence huh?


The main effects read online:

Severe burning of body fat (especially in the abdominal area)

It does not cause the proliferation of cells (hyperplasia bodies)

Do not increase the level of glucose and insulin influences the exchange

Retardation of aging

A burst of energy and an increase in its consumption

Strengthening bones (mineralization)



Through the course with the fragment it is very important to observe low-calorie diet. It is known that after a meal increases insulin levels, and insulin, a hormone that stimulates phosphodiesterase digested cAMP - second messenger molecule that inhibits lipolysis process (which is why it is important not to eat immediately after the injection and other peptides), as pulsating secretion of growth hormone (GH) occurs over 3 hours after administration, and only the first hour of work will have ripple insulin, and the remaining two hours - fat burning, as a derivative effect of GH). That is why injections are performed in between meals on an empty stomach.


AOD9604 line sequence side effects?

Just do not worry about a catabolic process as a result of lipolysis (release of fatty acids) is to replenish energy reserves. Then catabolism is not possible. It is because of these reasons can be quite reasonable conclusion that GH is an anti-catabolic. To date, the side effects of HGH Frag (176-191) have been identified, there is sometimes a burning sensation at the injection site.