AOD9604 cyclized sequence

AOD9604 cyclized sequence

AOD9604 cyclized sequence

Manufacturer: Canada Peptides

Price: 27 EUR

AOD9604 cyclized sequence

AOD9604 (cyclized sequence) - is the newest fat burner peptide drug online, which is a more sustainable and stable growth hormone fragment chain with 176 of 191 amino acids, the peptide than HGH frag 176-191 (fragment hgh). This peptide very effective in burning subcutaneous fat while preventing the formation of new, also at its reception, a decrease in visceral fat. Makes it AOD9604 (aod9604) more effective in Europe than growth hormone at 12 times or more! Also, he is ahead Fragment that can longer storage, is less sensitive to heat and therefore slightly more effective. Here you can buy AOD9604 (aod9604) at a bargain price for fat burning and drying! Its use for this purpose, will be cheaper use of growth hormone!


The main side effects oposites observed when you buy AOD9604 (aod9604 cyclized sequence):

- Expressed the burning of subcutaneous and visceral fat;

- Slows down the aging process and releases energy;

- Does not cause cell growth, unlike the growth hormone;

- No effect on glucose metabolism and insulin levels;

- Possibly short burning at the site of subcutaneous injection.


How much of peptide AOD9604 (cyclized sequence) to buy for the course? Effective use of the peptide is in the range 1-1.5 months while you require 5-9 drug vials. Just note that this peptide is more powerful than the Fragment in terms of fat burning, using equivalent doses, so pricked subcutaneously 3-4 times a day for 200-300 micrograms at intervals between injections at least 5 hours.



When using AOD9604 (cyclized sequence) should stick to the diet. If you are waiting for a quick result, it is possible to use at 800-1000 mg peptide per day. The first injection is done immediately after waking up, then put the last day and before going to bed. In the dilution of AOD9604 stored about 15 days at 2-8 * C