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Myostatin blocker, ACE-031 - is a promising drug belonging to the class of inhibitors of myostatin. At its core is dissolved elements ActRIIB extracellular receptors that are linked to the Fc fragment of immunoglobulin G. The operation is based on blocking myostatin (there is complete blockage of receptor signaling through ActRIIB), whereby an accelerating growth of muscle mass and strength parameters.


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While the drug has not passed all the laboratory and clinical trials, but the preliminary results of research it can be concluded that it is highly efficient and relatively harmless. Myostatin inhibitors justified as in medical and sports purposes. In severe sports and bodybuilding ACE-031 can be used to build high-quality muscle mass, is almost completely devoid of fat. In medicine, the drug can be used to treat diseases that cause the degradation of muscle tissue, for example, for the treatment of Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD).


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Myostatin protein, to block the effects and actions are aimed ACE-031 and its analogs (myostatin blockers), is synthesized in the human body substances that slow down or inhibit the growth and development of muscle tissue. In our organism the protein encoded in the gene MSTN. In multiple scientific studies have shown that eliminating myostatin (blocking its activity) leads to increased muscle growth and bone tissue to improve the functioning of the muscles, to increase strength and endurance.


However, the effects possessed by myostatin inhibitor ACE-031, can not be considered final. Because clinical trials are still going on, it is possible that in the future it turns out that the drug acts much more global and more efficient.


So, in the 2008th calendar year by Acceleron Pharma, which is mainly engaged in the development of new therapies, drugs and aimed at the regulation of the growth of tissue, including muscle and skeletal tissue, it has been announced the launch of the first phase of clinical trials. The aim of the first stage of research was to identify the effectiveness of ACE-031, administered by injection, its direct and indirect effects, as well as the positive and negative impacts. More specifically, in 2008, the year of placebo-controlled studies conducted evaluating the safety and pharmacokinetics of the drug. In fact, it was the first test, which is an inhibitor of myostatin in humans took place, not on animals.


It should be noted that before this took place, and pre-clinical trials of the drug. Were they in the mdx-mice. As a result of this work has been confirmed theoretically powerful influence ACE-031 on muscle mass (effect of the drug had a positive impact on the strength and function of muscles of mice).


The outcome of the first phase of trials of the drug in humans was the confirmation of its relative safety and effectiveness. As noted in their report the researchers, "even a single dose of ACE-031, make healthy postmenopausal women, caused a steady and rapid growth of muscle mass, increase muscle and accelerated bone formation."


Possible side effects

There was a second phase of testing and clinical experiments. This time, the researchers conducted a double-placebo-controlled, scalable dosing study to assess the safety, efficacy and tolerability ACE-031, made by people with DMD (Duchenne muscular dystrophy). During the tests the drug has shown excellent results. It has been reported positive effects on muscle mass (acceleration of growth, increase the strength and functions), and pulmonary function.

In general, the study available to date, the information obtained during the experiments, we can conclude that ACE-031 has the following properties: