Omnitrope Cartridge 10mg (30 I.U.)

Omnitrope Cartridge 10mg (30 I.U.)

Omnitrope Cartridge 10mg (30 I.U.)

Manufacturer: Sandoz

Price: 260 EUR

Omnitrope Cartridge 10mg (30 I.U.)

Pharmacological action Omnitrope

Somatropin has a pronounced effect on the metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Children with growth hormone deficiency - stimulates the growth of bones in length, affects epiphysis plates of long bones. And in adults and in children contributes to the normalization of the body structure by increasing muscle mass and decrease body fat. Particularly sensitive to the drug action of visceral adipose tissue. In addition to increasing lipolysis, the drug reduces the flow of triglycerides in the fat body. Under the influence of Omnitrope increases the concentration of insulin-like growth factor I (IRF- I) and its binding protein (IGF-SB3, IGF binding protein of growth) to buy in Europe.


Basic properties

It promotes a set of lean body mass (including due to hyperplasia)

prevents catabolism (muscle breakdown)

It stimulates fat burning processes

It is an additional source of energy (in the splitting of fatty acids, obtained a large number of glucose)

accelerates the healing of various injuries

has a rejuvenating effect (smoothes wrinkles, increases the saturated color of hair, removes their fragility, increases nail castle and so on.)

atrophied with age helps recover bodies

increases bone mass

in open areas of growth (up to 25) helps to increase the overall human growth

It strengthens the immune system

aggravation of

mood enhancement, improved memory

It has almost no side effects

Exchange fats


Omnitrope activates receptors low density lipoprotein (LDL), and changes in liver lipids profile and lipoproteins in the blood. In general, the purpose of growth hormone in patients with growth hormone deficiency leads to a decrease in blood LDL and apolipoprotein B. Also, lowering cholesterol concentrations is observed.


Exchange of carbohydrates

Omnitrope enhances the release of insulin, fasting glucose concentration but generally does not change. Children with hypopituitarism may develop hypoglycemia fasting. This condition is reversible with the administration of the drug.


Water and mineral metabolism in Europe

Deficit gr associated with a decrease in plasma volume and extracellular fluid. Appointment Omnitrope leads to a rapid increase in both parameters. Promotes sodium retention, potassium and phosphorus. Bone Metabolism


The drug stimulates bone metabolism. Prolonged treatment with somatropin children with growth hormone deficiency and osteoporosis leads to normalization of the mineral composition and bone density.