Jintropin Green Tops 10IU/vial 100IU/box HGH

Jintropin Green Tops 10IU/vial 100IU/box HGH

Jintropin Green Tops 10IU/vial 100IU/box HGH

Manufacturer: Gene Science Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd

Price: 200 EUR

Jintropin Green Tops 10IU/vial 100IU/box HGH

You've already heard about Jintropin 10  - preparation, which, thanks to its efficiency, superior to the most powerful anabolic steroids? It is ideal for effective and long-lasting set of weight, as well as significant improvement in physical performance.


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This unique drug of its kind allows us to achieve the desired results, despite the physical limitations inherent in man from birth. His outstanding qualities were recognized in athletes from around the world. Currently, this drug can be called a true legend in the modern sports pharmacology.


Jintropin 10 - a growth hormone which is produced in the body of each person. Physical exercises are a kind of stimulus, stimulating its output, which can be observed due to the following effect:


Anabolic activity. Incredibly accelerated synthesis of proteins, which leads to a significant increase in muscle mass.

Active burning fat. The body uses more energy to obtain the amount of fat, and thus it becomes possible to increase the caloric content of the athlete, in need thereof.

Strengthening bones, cartilage, ligaments and tendons. Since the beginning of the application dzhintropina severity of injuries and the number of athletes significantly reduced and it becomes possible to achieve high power performance.

In addition, the reception of the course "Jintropin 10" enhances immunity athlete, improve its efficiency, reduce cholesterol levels in the blood and an increase in sexual activity.


Reception "Jintropin 10" - the duration of the course and its dosage - is largely dependent on the type, which is engaged in the person and the severity of physical activity. For example, the dosage recommended for the athlete (up to 8 units per day), it is insufficient to effectively set their muscle mass. In order to achieve anabolic effects in bodybuilders daily intake of at least 12-16 units for 3-6 months with an interval equal to the duration of the course.


Before taking this medication, you should consult on this issue with a specialist who can recommend a safe for the health of the dosage and the duration of the course.


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